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Style in a Nut Shell

The software is management genre.
It processes transactions, calculates
demands, fulfils orders and
provides management and analysis tools.

Style is based on Windows look and feel. It is very easy to use and it's intuitive menu and screen layout structure makes it quick to learn.


  • Windows look and feel
  • Simple to advance search options on all records
  • All tables export to excel
  • Java client (runs on Windows, Linux, Mac)
  • Client can be remote (via Internet)
  • Web client for retailers to create sales orders / check status
  • Context sensitive help
  • Multiple windows can be opened
  • Role based security
  • Email for PDF documentation (e.g. Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Delivery Notes, etc)

The Style system is designed on modern 3 tier client server architecture. It is both robust and flexible.


  • Multiple companies
  • Separate company configurations
  • Multiple languages for the screens
  • Multiple languages for specified data fields (eg style descriptions, free text)
  • Unlimited size tables