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Style in a Nut Shell

The software is management genre.
It processes transactions, calculates
demands, fulfils orders and
provides management and analysis tools.

Style's transactions include sales orders, purchase orders and stock records. These transactions are the life blood of a business, and as such are well protected by Style's design. All transactions are saved in real-time to the database with full roll-back security and logging.

Processing is the heart of Style. Transactions and master data are combined to provide timely information to users of Style and their business partners.

Style allows for an unlimited number of companies to be setup in the system, each being configured separately. Customers, suppliers and sales agents can be shared between companies.

Master Data
Master Data is the configuration of how Style processes transactions. Individual views of master data are available together with a mass maintenance process (particularly useful for seasonal setups).

Style documentation output is in PDF format. Templates can be customised to indivdual businesses. PDF's can be viewed, printed and / or emailed.

Sales orders, Purchase / production orders, Stock records
Finished and raw goods requirements
Inwards goods
Sales order fulfilment
Price Calculation
Configurable reporting
Fast season setup

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