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Style in a Nut Shell

The software is management genre.
It processes transactions, calculates
demands, fulfils orders and
provides management and analysis tools.

Customer Service Orientation
Style's sales order process is designed for both speed of input and real-time information thereby providing improved customer service.

Individualised Sales Orders
All customers operate differently and therefore have different needs. Style allows individual sales orders to be tracked until delivered to the customer.

Critical Path / Management by Exception
Style has background processes that identify discrepancies allowing staff to immediately resolve exceptions.

Specific Instruction management
Managing customer, supplier and organisational specific needs is complex. In the event of staff changes, Style will disseminate relevant instructions to those who need to know.

Purchasing Order Planning
Style contains a powerful purchase order planning module that combines delivery dates, stock on hand and open purchase orders, providing real time stock status and automated purchase order creation.

Pricing Control
Simple to detailed pricing strategies are possible. Price lists can be created for different currencies and individual customers.

Reporting and Analysis
Reports are configurable and real-time, ensuring users have a 'finger on the pulse'. Included in report results is a 'drill down' link to base transactions.

Cost Savings
Style is a fully integrated, configurable application. Master records drive how the system processes transactions, with information provided where and when required. This allows staff to concentrate on productive tasks.

Style's pedigree is German with over 25 years of experience in a demanding environment. This software works! Full support and training is given during implementation. Ongoing support includes regular software updates.

Supply chain visibility
Configurable information flow
Flexible fulfilment
Individual customer specifications
Critical path management
Configurable reporting
Simple to complex pricing